A race rich in experiences and kindness

My arrival at Carmacks checkpoint – photo by Jacob G Myers

The results will show a DNF but that’s not how it feels to me. From the crazy roller-coaster of pre-race week with the almost too late arrival of luggage and bike, the joys of riding the trail, the hard physical effort of pushing uphill, the sheer beauty of the Yukon forests and hills, the bite of the cold, my disbelief at the number of technical and kit issues out on the trail and the exuberant dance of the Northern Lights I have had a very special time.

The kindness of everyone I have encountered – race crew, guides, fellow athletes, friends, family and local people has been overwhelming. And God has been a tangible presence every step of the way.

I will write a race report when I can. This is an experience I won’t forget!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Adrian Mancini says:

    As ever, you are an inspiration!


  2. Charlotte says:

    You are a very special lady who will always have a big space in my heart. Xx


  3. You made it! Hooray! Praise the Lord.


  4. Di Rogers says:

    Well done darlin you are an amazing lady and we all love you loads ❤️ safe journey home think we still deserve that girls spa day when you recover xx 😊 ❤️


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