The countdown has begun

Not loaded yet but starting to look good!
Sorting equipment
Hats, gloves and footwear

I’m excited and so nervous all at once. Will the bike work out – the frame is new and I’ve not actually ridden it yet? Will my body hold out through so many tough miles? Will asthma stop me again? Will I be able to keep my hands and feet warm? Will all that stuff fit in my suitcases? How will I cope with missing my family? So many unanswered questions but the main one for me is does God want me on the start line? If He does (and I think He does or I wouldn’t be going!) then everything will sort out.

So another adventure in the Yukon draws closer!

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  1. Dan Holland says:

    We’ll be watching with interest Pat. Dan and Bec xx

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  2. Yvonee says:


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  3. Heather L says:

    Go for it Pat, I’m sure if God didn’t want you there He would have closed the door sooner. Praying for you and looking forward to the updates xx

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  4. Susan Charlton says:

    Don’t worry… wonderful Pat ,
    God will be there to guide every step of the way xx

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