I’ve never felt this good after a race!

My race ended 100 miles in at Braeburn – and the tough trail conditions meant I’d pushed the bike most of that.

The result of all the pushing was a large blister on my left heel – picture at the end so the sensitive can ignore it! I’d treated it earlier in the race as soon as I felt it and had no idea it had got so bad.

Medic Gavin Clark was brilliant – he didn’t actually pull me from the race but he very strongly recommended I scratch (polite translation of what he actually said!) He was right but it wasn’t what I wanted to hear. If the trail had been better further north I might have carried on but it wasn’t …..

So my race ended and the fun started. I went north with the race team, talking with athletes as they came into checkpoints. Then 3 wonderful days off-grid, out of comms, well-fed and looked after at Pelly Farm by Dale and Sue Bradley. And we got to see the northern lights.

I’m very disappointed I didn’t get to spend more time on the trail – I was feeling strong when I had to scratch. So back next year? If it’s in God’s plan, and my husband permits!

I am humbled and immensely grateful for the prayers, support, kind thoughts and love that have held me up throughout this race. Thank you all. I am so blessed.

Race report will follow ….

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