So what happened in 2020?

A picture tells a thousand words:

The conditions this year made biking 300 miles impossible. There were only 3 entrants on bikes; two were attempting only (!) 100 miles, one made it, one didn’t. It wasn’t much easier on foot. By the end of YAU 2020 only 2 athletes out of all 21 entrants made it to the 300 finish line;.

Very cold before the race, then very warm, it meant that there was a lot of soft snow. It made riding a heavy bike difficult if not impossible and Pat ended up having to push most of the way. However, after last years near frost bite of the left foot, her footwear was geared to insulation and allowing for overflow which was expected to be extensive after the warm spell. It was not geared to pushing!

Sadly, so although Pat felt fit and well at the 100 mile check point and wanted to continue (“I can ignore pain”!) the medical opinion was that serious long-term damage would result to her foot if she continued for another 200 miles in conditions that were no less difficult. (Look away now if you are squeamish, yes that is skin hanging off!

Pat loves the Yukon and had already decided beforehand that if for any reason she was unable to continue at any stage, she would stay out on the course and help in whatever way she could.

She reports being very frustrated but loving being out there again. Until next year I suspect ……..

(Mike, 7th Jan 2020)

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  1. Clare neves-scott says:

    I am positive Pat ,that you are helping others and helping them push on or comforting those who have had to stop with your usual love and warmth xx


  2. Heather Lewis says:

    Awe bless you Pat. I’m sure you are very frustrated but hope no serious damage has occurred.. All my love Heather xx


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