What a day!


Final gear check early this morning – which seemed ok till I realised how heavy the bike was!

So I’ve spent many hours today, packing and repacking. With advice from Andy Gregory I have managed to repack using the lighter panniers – but it still feels so heavy!

We’ve had the pre-race briefing, and the pre-race dinner but we still don’t know if we are starting from Shipyards Park as usual or being taken to Takhini because of the overflow near Whitehorse. If it’s the usual route it’s going to be very, very tough pushing the bike through heavy snow – and I don’t fancy going near that overflow.

Tracking should be live on the website – I’m race number 321.

Thank you to everyone for the love and support – and will my praying friends please continue to pray – I’m going to need a lot of help from our Lord!

Over to Mike for any updates ….


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Diane Rogers says:

    Safe journey darlin xxx


  2. Kitty Dalby says:

    Dear Pat, am totally in awe of what you are doing and I will be praying, along with all the others, that the Lord will hold you in the palm of his hand and bring you through safely.
    Much love, Kitty


  3. Gary T says:

    Dont forget your sweeties !! Enjoy the wilderness, will be following you xx


  4. Clare neves-scott says:

    Love you lots Pat, go with God !


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