A tale of 2 fatbikes ….

Race bike (Sonder Vir Fortis) and Training bike (Specialized)

Every ride since August has been on the Specialised on the right. Together we’ve been through torrential downpours, sunshine, mud, wind and more mud. We’ve spent a lot of time on the beach and recently we have been accompanied by an 8kg kettlebell on the rack, and 2kg on the handlebars. The Specialized is actually black – just plastered in mud and sand. But I’ve come to trust this old faithful.

The carbon fibre Sonder Vir Fortis on the left has been untouched for almost a year – since the last Yukon Arctic Ultra. But the Sonder and I have climbed mountains, waded through overflow, ridden frozen lakes, persevered through blizzards, endless forests and extreme temperatures. We’ve had some mechanical issues but this bike has been critical to my survival out in the wilderness.

Photo by Mark Kelly

Soon it’s time to leave the Specialized at home and pack the Sonder up for another trip to the snowy, icy wilderness – I can’t wait!

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  1. Clare Neves-Scott says:

    Pat, sending tons of love to you and God’s blessings xxxxx


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