And so the 2019 journey ends …..

More than 300 miles, 7 days and some of the worst and best trail I have been on with a bike. 2 flat tyres, 1 temper tantrum when I nearly pushed the bike over the cliff onto the Yukon river and moments when the words of God and the beauty around me made me cry so much I thought the tears would freeze on my cheeks.

The end became inevitable when problems with my left boot meant I could only keep 3 toes warm by walking – which meant no sleeping, eating hot food or riding. I was warm but that foot was not.

To continue would have meant frostbite, and made it more difficult for everyone who had to come to my rescue.

Glen and Spencer were amazing. They found me, checked I was ok, warmed my foot and I had a fantastic, exciting ride by skidoo back to Pelly Farm. A real upbeat end to this years race!

Thank you all for the prayers and support. Race report to follow and God willing I’ll be back in 2021.

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