Barcelona! – Freddy Mercury


So it was tough, the 77 miles Braeburn to Carmacks, really tough. The skidoos weren’t allowed to do it; the Crest Dog teams went by road for this section –  but the athletes?  They dug deep and went for it, hour after hour,  after hour.


I don’t think those of us who have not actually done this can this have any idea just how hard it is – mentally and physically.  Over half the entrants have had to drop out in the first third of the race. It would be easy to see those as having failed. They say that of themselves. But not so, definitely not so. The have succeeded just over a lesser distance but where most of us couldn’t manage even 20 miles in those conditions.

And why “Barcelona”?   Because it’s in keeping with the song titles theme and because the song is inspired. It’s strong, towering at moments and thoughtful at others. It is magnificent! A bit like everyone who took on the challenge of the Yukon Arctic Ultra this year.

Let the songs begin
Let the music play
Make the voices sing
Start the celebration
And cry,

Respect,  much respect,  for Pat and all the others.



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