“It’s been Hard Day’s Night” – The Beatles


There’s usually an easy way and a hard way to do things. This is the Braeburn Check point in the summer and the Yukon Highway direct to Dawson City.  At say 60 mph, that would be the easy way.


Of course you could wait until its the coldest time of the year and pass over the main Highway and find a long way around, via some forest hills and lakes that mean travelling at 1 to 4 mph, and take 10 days or more to get to Dawson – that would be the hard way.


And .. if you have a tyre problem that causes you a 4:45 hour delay before you start, then you won’t make it to Ken Lake, the next check-point 44 miles away, until 2 in the morning after an 18 hour slog. But then, after a few hours rest (outside in minus whatever degrees)  you can hop back on the bike and do another 33 miles of the same to Carmacks.

Life is full of choices!                                                   [Mike]

Braeburn to Ken Lake PCR track

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Heather says:

    Keep going Pat, you’re amazing. In my prayers. H xx


  2. Theo Pearson says:

    Go on lass!


  3. Diane Rogers says:

    Keep going Pat your a star and an inspiration to us all safe journey and God’s speed darlin!! Watching you from a far!! 🙂


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