Now you see me, now you don’t



Because Pat was very tired, she decided to go easy and start at the back. The early conditions favoured the bikers so before long she was up near the front. Then she appeared to stop at mile 54, just short of the Check point at Dog Grave Lake. And that was it for the next 12 hours until I received a message that she had arrived (the second one in!)  at Braeburn, the end point of the 100 mile race.

She has now eaten and slept.  She will probably have burned off at least 10,000 calories to get here. Braeburn is a truck stop on the Yukon Highway where the race route crosses the main road up to Dawson City. It is one of the few places competitors can sleep inside (a portacabin) She has taken an unusually long stop to get over the lack of sleep in the last week and is going to take her time on the next stage.
Estimated departure is 14:00 UK  (06:00 in the Yukon) off on the next legs leading up to Ken Lake and then the 300 mile race finish and beyond!


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  1. Dan, Bec and Anna says:

    Wow Pat! You are amazing! We are praying for you and cheering you on.


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