Well, you’re right, I’m left, she’s gone. -Elvis Prestley

So it’s my job to keep Pat’s friends and those studying crazy people, up to date as to her progress. In previous years,  I forgot what updates I told to whom and I forgot to tell some people altogether. My temporary adding to her Blog is meant to correct my failings!

Except I don’t really know how she is doing.

Her last Spot tracker signal was 4 1/2 hours ago! Then she was leading (except perhaps for Enrico, whose’s Spot,  wasn’t signalling and he’s always at the front!).

For most people when you’re in a race at -37c you have to give your greatest attention to yourself. YAU 2017 showed what can happen, in extremis, if you don’t. Yet Pat is currently more concerned about someone else back home, to the extent she is carrying a satellite phone to keep checking they are OK. This is the woman who took her front brake off the bike to save weight!  I do know in the week before the start, she averaged only 3 hours sleep/night.

However, the fantastic support team (this time alias Joanne Stirling) have stepped up and are riding “top-cover” – to use one of my old terms. Some good people are in the Yukon.

This next bit is unauthorised but Pat can’t edit or delete it for another 10 days so here goes:

We don’t need screeching “#Me Too” women to tell us men, how they are underrated and not respected. There many, many extraordinary women in this world that show by their actions how incredible women can be. I’m married to one of them.

Next post when I see she’s moving!


Ps I’ve never used this software before so I have no idea what will happen when I press “enter”

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  1. Hey Mike, well said. Thanks for keeping us posted and hope you’re doing ok out there. Sending you all love and best wishes Jess. Xxxx


  2. S Charlton says:

    Thanks for the update Mike. Pat is an inspiration to many people. We are thinking of her but also of you 👏👍🏡🔥


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