The day before the race – and I have a ‘stopper’

Finally collected the bike from Icycle after many trips there. Last night I realised the gear lever wasn’t clearing the handlebars and tried to move it and ruined the threads – so it’s currently hanging off!

So I need to go to Icycle again as soon as they open at 1000. But we have a briefing 9-11am, gear check 1130-2pm, trail briefing 4-5pm then the race dinner…… And as usual all the gear doesn’t fit on the bike!

Prayer support would be very welcome.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kitty Dalby says:

    Am praying, Pat, and lost in admiration. Kitty


  2. Yvonne and Roger says:

    Count on it
    You will do it
    You and God are an awesome team


  3. Steven Bowdery says:

    Pat. Prayers are being sent as I type this. It will be a simple fix and you will be good to go. You know you have it physically, mentally and spiritually. Let the shop sort the mechanically 👍.


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