Arrived in Whitehorse …. including bike and bags!

Much to my surprise (and an answer to prayer) both bags and the bike box arrived at the airport on the same flight as me and with only minor damage.

This is the view from my hotel window – it’s now snowing but it’s so warm. Probably colder in the UK right now.

Today I’ve taken the bike to Icycle to be checked after it’s traumatic journey (and my rebuilding!) and winterised. Attempted some shopping with Marianne Heading (300 foot) but we were both so tired we were wandering aimlessly round Walmart. Not the most exciting place to be.

So the plan now is dinner, a large Yukon Gold beer and then sleeeeep……

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  1. Voni and Roger says:

    Our prayer is that ou will be able to share the Great God you love He will be with you through it all God Bless You Voni and Roger


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