Solomon’s Dome – the last 50 miles

The leg to Scroggie Creek was very, very hard: 41 hours without shelter or respite to cover 71 miles.  So, now at Indian River, 385 miles behind her and 51 miles to go to Dawson City – climbing over Solomon’s Dome.

The conditions have been tough,  very tough. So far 23 of the 40 athletes doing the 430 miles have pulled out or been pulled out by the medics, mostly with frotbite. The trail is constantly being covered in snow drifts and the Skidoo drivers are working hard just to mark the trail.   For these last 100 miles a bike is more a liabilty than a help. It’s easier on foot pulling a sled than trying to push a bike up hill.


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  1. Gary Smith says:

    FANTASTIC effort Pat – well done!!!


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