Legends of the Yukon


Just had breakfast with these guys, Hanno (left) and Enrico. Hanno won the 430 mile race on foot last time, powering ahead of several bikers and skiers. Enrico won overall on a bike, and has previously won on foot and skis.

This year, not content with 430 miles to Dawson, they are carrying on another 550 miles unsupported to Fairbanks. Amazing athletes from Italy, and such nice people. Can’t quite get my head round what they are doing!

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  1. Peter Lindahl says:

    They are, doubtless, equally baffled by you.


  2. Judith Malcolm says:

    Best of luck Pat,
    I am in awe and intrigued by your underrated efforts. I saw you during the race in 2015 when I was finishing the marathon and you were heading out for your next section. I was partially envious of you heading carrying on but in the majority delighted that I was finished.
    Enjoy and stay safe .
    Regards Judith


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