Not the usual handlebar setup


My arthritic hands give me problems on a bike – not what you want in a race like the YAU. So Mark Redwood from TFN suggested changing the brake positions around – rear brake on the right, front on the left. I know that’s the way the rest of the world do it anyway, but it’s not usual in the UK! Then he’s moved the gear change lever to the left.

Gear lever upside down on left with front brake

So in theory it should all work out since on my left hand I can use my thumb but my fingers go numb (ok for gear change and sparing use of front brake) and on my right hand I can use my fingers but not my thumb (ok for extensive use of rear brake and nothing else).

Test rides planned for the next couple of days. If I forget during the race I shall end up in a heap in the snow!

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