I’m not really much of an athlete. Over the past 20 years I’ve done lots of events – obstacle races, marathons, half-marathons, long and middle distance triathlons, ice swims, long distance bike rides, distance swims, relay races and team events. Races in the pouring rain in the UK, in the blistering heat of Hawaii and the dangerous cold of the Yukon. I love being outdoors, and I’m generally to be found plodding along at the back of any race – and in my experience that’s where it’s most fun!

But many people have asked me to blog about my experiences in ultra distance racing so this is my latest exploit….

God willing and travel permitting I’m back to attempt a favourite race one last time. The Yukon Arctic Ultra 4th February 2023. I’ve started this race 8 times and finished 4 times.This year it’s 430 miles by MTB. Will it be a finish or another scratch? God knows, but I don’t!

The Yukon Arctic Ultra is a tough race. The race website warns:

Due to the very difficult conditions caused by

  • the extreme coldness in the Yukon in February,
  • the nature of the trail and
  • the distance which will have to be covered by the athletes

the Montane Yukon Arctic Ultra is toughest ultra race in the world.

Situations which under normal circumstances don’t cause any problems can become absolutely life threatening in the dead of winter in the Yukon.

I have grown to love Whitehorse and the cold, lonely wilderness trail that runs north. And I am thrilled to be going back in January 2023 to follow the gold-trail route once again and honoured to be going as Race Chaplain.